9 Links for Big Thoughts

Though i guess you don’t have to have big thoughts, they are not required – but hopefully, you won’t be able to help it.

This is stuff i am coming across and checking it out – maybe you’ll like it, too!

Torkwase Dyson: her own site is mind-blowing, too.

Shelley Vermilya: i love her. She’s an amazing human and great writer/thinker.

Marx’s Ecological Notebooks, because how would you read this Slavoj Zizek on Hegel?

Further thoughts on new ecologies with Dougald Hine &  Vanessa Andreotti.

An interesting transplant story – i, too, hail from the tri-state area and will never go back.

Always lovely ideas and connections at Taproot.

i can’t help but love Women Riders World Relay.

And when i have time (mwa ha ha), there is something about this Radical Mediation, i want to read.

Take care of yourself – there’s only one of you on this planet. ❤


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